Peanut Butter & Jam Series

Peanut Butter & Jam

Designed for children ages 1-7, Peanut Butter & Jam sessions encourage young children to become engaged in the arts. Join us for these informal 10:30am Saturday morning concerts.

Tickets only $10 per child, and 2 free adults with every child ticket purchase!

There is limited capacity for these events. To buy tickets, call the Box Office at 317.843.3800. 

September 19
Syncopated Rhythms of Bangladesh
Golam and Bertie Kibreah are a father-and-son team who perform music from Bangladesh, using a variety of classical and folk instruments. Children will be amazed at the syncopated rhythms produced by the tabla drums.

October 31
Halloween with Ruditoonz
Dress the kids in costume to sing & dance during this Halloween themed rock & roll show!
Ruditoonz is Indiana's rockingest, coolest, awesome-est rock and roller for kids and their rocking adults! Original music, highly energetic, interactive, and loads of fun!

November 21
Native American Stories & Song
Take a voyage through Native American culture as Native American storyteller, Teresa Webb, shares the stories and songs of the Anishinaabe. Her wonderful tales are accompanied by indigenous flute, drum and rattle as she educates and draws her audience into her stories.

December 5

The Melchior Marionettes "Holiday Cabaret on Strings"
Join us for a faced paced, entertaining cabaret of hand crafted marionettes for all ages!
Since 1952, the Melchior Marionettes have been performing throughout the US Midwest, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Most recently, they performed in Shangai, China, at Century Park for their National Day Celebration. They are now in their 2nd and 3rd generation of performers.

January 9

Traveler’s Dream
Take a musical journey through American history with folk songs that kids have loved for ages! Children will be encouraged to interact and sing along!
Traveler's Dream creates music that is rich in tradition but driven by innovation and creativity. With powerful voices, rich harmonies and a wide variety of traditional and modern instruments, Michael Lewis and Denise Wilson captivate listeners with spirited songs.

February 6
Sancocho Music and Dance Collage
Join us for an exciting mix of African influenced percussion, songs, & dances from Latin American & the Caribbean. Children will get on their feet and moving as Sancocho teaches them some of the lively dance steps.

March 5
Celtic music with Hogeye Navvy
Hogeye Navvy sings songs of the tall ships that sailed the ocean and the lives of the sailors that worked them. Each song, called a chantey, was sung when doing a particular kind of job on board the ship. Children will role-play some of the sailors' work and sing along with the chanteys. The award-winning Hogeye Navvy band is popular throughout the Midwest for performing upbeat Irish, Scottish, American and English music.

April 30
Earth Month Celebration
Delight in the sounds of drums, flutes, the didgeridoo, and instruments of indigenous world cultures. Musician, teacher, and recording artist, Adam Riviere, is a multi-instrumentalist who performs on a multitude of percussion and woodwind instruments from around the world.

May 14
Dragon & Dances of China
Music, colorful costumes, dances, and even a dragon will enchant the youngsters. Youth and adult members of the ICCCI Dragon and Dance teams will share the beauty of their culture.