Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the process for securing a rental space?

Contact Laura Varnau, Events Manager, at 317.819.3521 or at SpecialEvents@TheCenterPresents.org to arrange a tour. After selecting the space and date, you will receive an Event Agreement with all pricing, terms and conditions. Upon receipt of your signed Event Agreement and payment of your deposit, your rental space will be reserved.

Will you hold a date for me until I decide on my venue?

We are willing to put a “first hold” for one date on a rental space while you decide. However, if another client wants to book the space, you will be notified and will be given 48 hours to pay the deposit and sign an agreement or the space will be given up.

What is meant by Preferred Caterer? Do I have to use someone that is on the list?

Our Preferred Caterers have been carefully selected, and we are confident in their ability to provide you with delectable cuisine and professional service. We ask that all rental clients select a caterer from this list.

Does the Center provide linens and table settings for my events?

Your caterer will be the source for all linens and table settings. The Center’s Preferred Caterers are all highly experienced professionals and will be able to supply you with everything needed to make your event memorable.

Can I bring in my own decorations?

You are welcome to bring in your own decorations once they have been approved by the Events Services Department.

How early can we come in to set up?

You are welcome to come in two hours prior to set up for your event. Your caterer can arrive three hours early if necessary. Special arrangements can be made with the Events Manager if you need more time.

Will the Center provide any tables and chairs for my event? Is there a charge for that?

We have 80 white padded chairs and 240 banquet chairs. In addition, we have sixteen 5-foot round tables, and 20 banquet tables. You are welcome to use these for your event at no additional charge. Should you need more tables and chairs, or different types of tables and chairs, you may rent them through your caterer. Please note: Skirted linens provided by caterers will need big clips to work with our banquet tables.

What type of parking is available for my event?

The Center offers free parking in our garage located on Third Avenue. If you require valet parking for your event, we will put you in touch with our valet provider.

How long do I get to use my rental space?

Facility rentals for non-staged social events are based on a five-hour rental block. Additional time is at the rate of $100 per hour. Exception: Brides who are holding a ceremony in addition to a reception are given one additional hour. Events that are held on a weekday and staged rentals of the theaters are priced on a daily rate.

What is the difference between a social rental and a staged rental?

A social rental is rental of any of the available rental spaces for a dinner, reception or other social event. This includes the Palladium stage. A staged rental is rental of any of the theaters for a staged production, either ticketed or non-ticketed.

Do you provide any technical equipment and services?

The Center has a limited inventory of audiovisual equipment available to rent. Any additional equipment may be rented through an outside vendor. We are happy to make recommendations.

Do I need event insurance?

We require that all events have an event insurance policy covering $1,000,000 on the day of the event. You can get this through your homeowners insurance or online. This policy will cover all personal liability for the host.

Can I use whatever vendors I wish?

The Center’s only exclusive vendors are the Preferred Caterers. In addition, our recommended florist is Palmer Kelley. You are welcome to use any other vendors of your choice. All vendors must be licensed and insured.

May I bring my own food and beverage?

All food must be provided by one of our Preferred Caterers. All beverages must be provided by the Center.

If I rent the Palladium stage, do I get to use any other spaces?

Yes. You are welcome to use any or all of the lobbies plus your choice of one additional room (Founders Room, Robert Adam Room or Shiel Sexton Songbook Lounge). Bridal parties may use the dressing rooms backstage. If you are renting the hall/stage for a staged production, you will have use of the entire building.

I still have more questions.
Contact Laura Varnau, Events Manager, at 317.819.3521 or at SpecialEvents@TheCenterPresents.org.