Here's what people are saying about the Songbook Academy®!


"This past week has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Working with esteemed mentors like Sylvia McNair, Catherine Walker, Laura Osnes, and of course, Michael Feinstein, has been the highlight of my young career." - Caitlin, 2015 finalist 

"I am not from a huge choir program and big high school. It doesn’t matter where you are from and it doesn’t matter your background or what kind of music you started out singing. I auditioned but didn’t make it for two years, and just worked harder and finally it paid off." - Lucas, 2015 Songbook Youth Ambassador

"The Songbook Academy far exceeded my expectations, and I cannot thank everyone involved enough. I gained absolute comfort and confidence in my performance technique, much better vocal technique, and so much more." - Cole, 2015 finalist

"Thank you all for the unforgettable experience, skills, relationships and memories you helped me build this week. I'm truly a different singer and a different person than I was this time last Sunday." - Kristin, 2015 finalist

“All of the invaluable knowledge I took away from that week from song interpretation and musical performance will stay with me forever. There isn't a song I perform that doesn't incorporate all that I learned.” - Jillian, 2013 finalist

“The entire experience was so educational. I learned how to tell stories through lyrics and so much about vocal technique from the mentors who taught me a lot. It was an unbelievable opportunity. I look forward to sharing music from the Great American Songbook with people of my age.” - Julia, 2013 Songbook Youth Ambassador

"We really are all winners, because this experience is just top notch!" - Maya, 2013 finalist

"This experience has been so much more than I ever imagined!” – Nick, 2012 Songbook Youth Ambassador

“I've grown so much as a performer and musician through this experience, and being able to see that growth is such a blessing. The way this music speaks to every listener's soul is astounding, and performing it is such a privilege.”  - Kyrie, 2012 finalist

"Thank you for this program. After attending the Songbook Academy this year, our daughter is so inspired and excited to sing these songs so they “live forever” (her words). I just caught her humming 'Night and Day'. Mission accomplished!" - Crystal, parent of 2015 finalist

"Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed her week at the Songbook Academy. The program was really well organized and thoughtfully run. Thanks for all your efforts in making this a great experience for her." - Tim, parent of 2015 finalist

"The experience was above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined. What we appreciated most was that it did not feel like a competition, but rather a spectacular showcase. What a wonderful learning too and gift to all the students who participated. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity." - Matt, parent of 2014 finalist

"This was an incredible and positive experience. Our son was challenged in ways that he had never been, and he grew tremendously as a performer as a result. Thank you so much for creating this experience!"
- Donna, parent of 2013 finalist

"Our daughter found the workshops to be without any parallel- just incredible. Also, the experience of being with other singer her age who love this music was terrific. This is a rare event, as she is usually explaining to her friends who the composers, lyricists, singers are that she adores. What a blessing for all these kids!" - Cheryl, parent of 2012 finalist


"I am so excited to work with young singers who are falling in love with this repertoire. It lights my fire to know that there are high schoolers who want to learn how to do these things better." - Sylvia McNair

“I am blown away by the passion and dedication of these young people. I am honored to work with them.” - 
Jane Monheit

"What an honor to work alongside Michael Feinstein with his budding Songbook Academy stars!" - Laura Osnes


“It is extraordinary what the Songbook Academy is doing by celebrating the Songbook with these young people.” -
Jim Caruso


“Through these passionate young people, this incredible music will live on and on.” - Sandi Patty