The Michael Feinstein Great American Songbook Archive & Gallery

Archive & Gallery Hours are Monday - Friday: 10am - 4pm.

Located on the Gallery level, guests can take the elevator in the West Lobby by the Box Office. 


The Great American Songbook Archive exists to preserve the physical artifacts of the Songbook so that current and future generations may experience them. The Archive has a reference library, study space, and listening room for researchers who wish to learn more about the music, its creators, and the culture it inspired.

The Archive is the only facility of its kind solely dedicated to preserving the Great American Songbook. For information on our collections, visit the Archives page.


Through the utilization of current technology we turn our gallery into a multimedia educational center for the Songbook. A touchscreen monitor allows visitors to see and hear the music as it was performed on stage and screen while digitized images turn the four walls of the gallery into a life-sized textbook. Exhibit cases display pieces from our collections.

Our opening exhibit provided an overview of the Songbook, including some of its most well-known composers, lyricists, and performers. Display items included selected pieces from Michael Feinstein’s personal collection such as Fred Astaire’s dancing shoes and the player piano roll from George Gershwin’s 1925 Rhapsody in Blue.

Exhibits change annually.

Plans exist to construct a free-standing structure that will house the archive, museum and vocal academy on the campus of the Center for the Performing Arts.