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Mss 001 Gus Kahn Papers, 1909 – 2007, 4 lft
Gustav Gerson Kahn (November 6, 1886 - October 8, 1941) was a musician, lyricist and songwriter who collaborated on many of the most enduring hits of the 20th-century including "Yes, Sir, That's My Baby," "Carolina in the Morning," and "It Had to Be You." The collection consists of scrapbooks, photos, sheet music, manuscripts, and other material documenting his personal and professional life.

Mss 002 Margaret Sauter Sheet Music Collection, 1900 – 1999, 4 lft
Margaret Sauter (April 4, 1924) of Detroit, Michigan, taught for 35 years in the Detroit Public School system and was active in the Wayne State University Alumni Association and Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. Her love of music kept her active in numerous musical groups throughout her lifetime. The collection consists of popular sheet music, arrangements, and folios.

Mss 003 Phil Harris - Alice Faye Arrangements, 1946 - 1954, 7.3 lft
The collection consists of musical arrangements used by husband-and-wife team Phil Harris and Alice Faye on their weekly radio show, The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show. The arrangements were created by Walter Scharf.  

Mss 006 Sandler & Young Arrangements, 1966 - 1983, 12 lft 
The collection consists of approximately 200 musical arrangements created for the singing duo consisting of American Ralph Young and Belgian native Tony Sandler.

Mss 008 Robert Grimes Collection, 1895–2011, 260 lft
Robert "Bob" Grimes (February 18, 1922 – October 8, 2011) was an avid music collector throughout his lifetime, amassing one of the largest sheet music collections in the United States, totaling 34000+ pieces. The collection also includes nearly 14,000 recordings and 3,300 books focusing on American music from stage and screen. Published materials from the Robert Grimes Collection can be found in the
Online Songbook Library.

Mss 009 Hy Zaret Papers, 1937-2003, 40 lft
Hy Zaret (August 21, 1907 – July 2, 2007) was a Great American Songbook lyricist. Zaret’s biggest hit, “Unchained Melody”, written for the 1955 prison film Unchained, received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Original Song. The collection consists of Zaret's papers, awards, and audio recordings.

Mss 010 Will Friedwald LP Collection, 1922-2007, 75 lft
Will Friedwald (born 1961) is an American author and music critic. The collection consists of approximately 4,300 original and remastered popular recordings in LP and 78 formats, and the draft of Friedwald’s book. 
Published materials from the Will Friedwald Collection can be found in the Online Songbook Library.

Mss 011 Bob Kennedy Collection, 1900-1967, 23 lft 
The collection consists of arrangements, sheet music, and folios from Bob Kennedy, a Broadway actor, game show host, voice over announcer, and trade show producer. Bob played the role of "Curly" in the Broadway production of Oklahoma!, replacing Alfred Drake.

Mss 012 Robert Boyer Collection of Female Singer Memorabilia, 1911-2010, 40 lft
The Robert Boyer Collection primarily focuses on the musical careers of the Andrews Sisters, with smaller sections devoted to Georgia Gibbs and Rose Murphy. The collection consists of newspaper and magazine articles; foreign and domestic commercial recordings; sheet music; photographs, lobby cards, and promotional posters; videos; playbills; a discography; and assorted memorabilia and ephemera.

Mss 017 William Wilcox Theatrical Ephemera Collection, 1910-1966, 1 lft 
The collection consists of programs, sheet music, a lobby card, and an accounting sheet acquired by William Walter Wilcox, of New York City, who wishes rock and roll had never happened.

Mss 018 Gogi Grant Sheet Music Collection, 1904-1993, 1 lft
Gogi Grant (September 20, 1924 - March 10, 2016) was an American singer widely known for her recording of “The Wayward Wind.” The collection consists of sheet music used by Grant, as well as arrangements and other items.

Mss 020 Ray Shonfield Papers, 1921-1956, 2 lft
Ray Shonfield (September 29, 1905 - March 1973) played saxophone and clarinet with the Riley Orchestra as a high school student in Muncie, Indiana and later with the Royal Palm and Charlie Davis orchestras. The collection documents his musical career with these bands through news clippings, photos, and recordings.

Mss 021 Richard Basore Collection, 1957-1959, .5 lft
Seven Armed Forces SongFolios published by the Adjutant General, Department of the Army. 

Mss 023 Jan August Papers, 1940-1970, 1.5 lft
Jan August (September 24, 1904 - January 9, 1976) was an American musician and arranger. The collection consists of menus, press clippings, photos and recordings from his career.

Mss 049 Meredith Willson Papers, 96 lft
Meredith Willson (May 18, 1902 - June 15, 1984) was an American composer and musician. He is best known for his musicals The Music Man and The Unsinkable Molly Brown. The collection includes scores, script, audiovisual materials and other items from his career.

Mss 051 Libi Staiger Collection, 4 lft
Libi Staiger (born 1928) is an American stage and screen actress who began working on Broadway in the 1950s. She was also married to Jerome Eskow, who was a musical director. The collection consists largely of scripts, musical arrangements, and playbills from Staiger's career.

Mss 056 Marguerite Piazza Collection, 20 lft

Marguerite Piazza (May 6, 1920 – August 2, 2012) was an American singer who got her start in opera but spent much of her career performing music from the Great American Songbook, both in concert and on television. She is most famous for her appearances on the NBC variety show Your Show of Shows. The collection includes arrangements written for her as well as some other items like playbills and program lists from her performances.

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